IoT infrastructure design


Infrastructure is the key asset of IoT project

Good design of IoT infrastructure requires an experienced and interdisciplinary team. This is particularly important for large projects combining sensors and actuators with enterprise systems. Signocom offers both physical and software layer design for IoT solutions regardless of their scale. SIGNOCOM are experts in wide area of software solutions, from web and mobile applications to backend and integration systems. We are prepared to assist our customers, whether they are service providers or final users, to analyze and define requirements and then design the system in the best possible way. In the design we use agile approach, which means that we try to adapt the methodology used to design work culture and customer requirements. However, in each case we strive to maintain a minimum level of project documentation, guaranteeing high quality and security of the solution. IoT is a relatively young technology.

New hardware and software solutions appear so often that the best way to deliver solutions is an iterative approach in which we try to get the minimum viable product as simple and as soon as possible. Then in subsequent iterations we expand it by analyzing further requirements and designing their implementation. This approach is similar to the Lean Project Delivery concept or Agile methodology. We are working closely with the client from the very beginning of the project and jointly matching the scope of the project to changing technological and business conditions.

However, we realize that this type of approach is not always possible. For this reason, we also offer more formalized methodologies, both in the project management layer and in the design and delivery phase.