Weather station

keep an eye on the weather

This is our first project leveraging The Things Network infrastructure to deliver physical and communication layer for our end-to-end prototype of the IoT solution.

The sensor reads weather conditions at regular intervals and sends it, together with the battery level value, using LoRa signal.

The signal can be received by any TTN compatible gateway (in this case owned by us) which forwards the data to the cloud.The sensor device is registered in SignoMix so its data can be automatically imported from TTN and reported on dedicated SignoMix dashboard.

LoRa weather Station
The solution consist of sensor device:
  • Arduino Pro Mini + RFM95 transceiver + DHT11 temperature &  humidity sensor + 2xAA battery
  • TTN Gateway IMS 880a concentrator + Raspberry Pi 3
  • SignoMix platform running in the cloud

Obtain more information

about SIGNOCOM Weather Station

Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about this product. We can share with you important details about LoRa networks, material compatibility, configuration and customization.