Signomix IoT Platform

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Manage your sensors as simple as possible

Signomix is a platform that makes it easy for users to access data recorded by IoT devices. With the increasing number of available IoT sensors, the management and access to these sensors can be a source of problems for both the individual and the industry. Signomix eliminates these problems by offering a comprehensive range of services in the SaaS model:

from device management, data monitoring and analysis, to integration with external systems.

 Key SIGNOMIX features include:

  •  Easily define and manage IoT devices sending data to Signomix
  • Data protection at all stages of processing
  • Sharing the data with the defined teams
  • Visualization data on-the-fly on configurable dashboards
  • Defining rules for data analysis
  • Run tasks based on defined schedules or events
  • Automatically take action based on your data and send messages using external services such as: SMS, Pushover, E-mail, Twitter.
  • Ready-to-use REST interfaces for external applications
Start monitoring your data in 3 simple steps:
  1. Register your device
  2. Configure your desktop
  3. Enter an address in your web browser (or download a mobile application) and watch how the data changes