New version of LoRaWAN is coming.

Few days ago Lora Alliance has announced version 1.1 of the LoRaWAN specification. Let's have a quick look on latest capabilities: Bi-directional end-devices with scheduled receive slots (Class B). Security enhancements (introduced new keys). New MAC commands (e.g. time synchronization). Roaming support (transfer control from one LoRaWAN network to another). Changes in handling frame counters. Together…
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Let’s build open-source infrastructure for IoT in Łódź

SIGNOCOM, OFFIcial partner of the robo inspector hackaton in lodz, poland. Last Friday, during Robo Inspector Hackhaton organized by the local organization FABLAB Lodz, I had a pleasure to talk about the initiative of building an opensource  LoRaWAN network for Łódź. The main points of my speech can be downloaded below. Download
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