our vision


We believe that IoT if reasonably designed and used, can make Earth a better place to live. We want to deliver solutions as simple as possible, as efficiently as possible, to build new value that enriches our society.


the main team

Grzegorz Skorupa

Grzegorz has more than 20 years of experience in commercial products development and IT project management. He specializes in Java back-end systems, leading product delivery process from analysis through design and development to delivery and support.
Post-Agile and KISS principle believer, fascinating and supporting open-source software movement.

Marcin Białowąs

Marcin Bialowas has more than one decade of professional experience. He has worked for various corporations including the biggest players on the market like UniCredit in the banking sector, Samsung in the mobile area. As part of his regular activities, he has focused on software architectures and project management. He specializes in systems based on Java, currently more widely explore embedded systems.