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You have idea and don' t know how to make it happens? Our Experts can implement your ideas, as simple and effective as possible.

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From analysis to design and deployment, we can deliver the whole project or it's fragment.

Connect your sensors SIGNOMIX IOT PLATFORM

SIGNOMIX is a modern and efficient platform dedicated to IoT sensors ans devices. SIGNOMIX can be connected to Public infrastructure (as TTN) or private.

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IOT Infrastructure design

Good design of IoT infrastructure requires an experienced and interdisciplinary team. This is particularly important for large projects combining sensors and actuators with enterprise systems. Signocom offers both physical and software layer design for IoT solutions regardless of their scale.

sensors & actuators

Sensors are the eyes of the "Internet of Things", as a firsts ones taking part in monitoring processes and collecting data. When we are thinking about IoT they are often one of the first hardware that is recognized as a critical component in a solution. Technology development reduces the unit cost of these small...

software developement

We have over ten years' experience in custom software development. Our key to success in custom software development is communication and full cooperation with the client - just to make absolutely sure that all teams fully understands the customer needs. SIGNOCOM offers solution in a different project...

IT consulting

Whether you run a big business or a small business, whether you know the ins and outs of computers or you have trouble keeping up with technology changes, SIGNOCOM can help you upgrade the technology in your business and help you keep up your IT maintenance and work on other projects.


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